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       from a dream to reality...       


Meta Labs is a brand of products that were created and developed by Meta Labs Pharmaceuticals clinical chemist and owner Sam Khayat. The products are designed to meet or exceed the expectation of the consumer, they must be pure, verifiable and tested. These steps are costly and add to the price of the product. Therefore, Meta Labs supplies supplements that might be high in price but will give assurance to the consumer of the highest and purest product available.

The chemists and healthcare professionals at Meta Labs are here to support, guide, and provide our customers with high quality, all-natural products at the best price available. As a trusted natural supplement store, we are pride ourselves on client satisfaction and work diligently to ensure that our products improve your quality of life.

You can feel assured that stringent standards for product quality, purity, potency, and freshness are performed on each and every product.

In addition, our lab provides nutritional values and a Certificate of Analysis (COA) for each product to certify that no artificial coloring or preservatives have been utilized.

Our goal is to establish a dependable, customer focused foundation for all your supplement needs. We are proud to provide products made with the most natural, purest, and highest quality ingredients available and pledge our commitment to continuous research and development to ensure our partnership in maintaining an ongoing competitive edge for our customers.

We are a natural supplement company committed to the betterment of our clients' lives. Our natural supplements are designed to safely create harmony, balance and beauty in lives of our customers. We take our job seriously and invite your feedback and inquiries. We are 100% committed to being the very best in our industry.

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