The waters of the Dead Sea have been renowned for their therapeutic effects since ancient times. Two thousand years ago, Flavius wrote that the salts from the Dead Sea heal the human body. The waters from the Dead Sea are unique in that they contain 27% of various salts as compared to 3% in normal sea water. Further, while sodium accounts for approximately 80% of the salt content of normal sea water, it comprises much less of the salt total in water from the Dead Sea. The balance of the salts in Dead Sea water is magnesium, potassium, calcium chloride and bromides.


Why are Dead Sea salts beneficial?


Magnesium  is important for combating stress and fluid retention, slowing skin aging and calming the nervous system. Calcium is effective at preventing water retention, increasing circulation and strengthening bones and nails. Potassium energizes the body, helps to balance skin moisture and is a crucial mineral to replenish following intense balance (this in turn is important for immune system function). So we can see that bathing in high quality sea salt could replenish the minerals which are critical to our skin metabolism. Studies have been conducted on the health benefits of bathing in Dead Sea salts. One such study was conducted by Dr. I. Machtey on 103 patients suffering from osteoarthritis and tendinitis. Improvement was found after as little as one week of treatment for those treated. By the study's end, 80% of the patients reported less pain; 70% experienced improved mobility and 60% were able to decrease their use of analgesics. Dr. J. Arndt studied the effect of Dead Sea salt baths on psoriasis. In as little as one week, many patients treated experienced marked improvement. This improvement included relief from itching,
sleep disturbances, and skin scaling. Treatment with Dead Sea salts is not associated with any side effects.


Cannabis Sativa Oil:


Exceptionally rich, Cannabis seed oil is used widely in skin care for its regenerative ingredients. Common uses include body care, creams, lotions, facial or body oils, massage oils, shampoo, conditioner, shaving products, lip balm, and soaps. In hair, increases elasticity, manageability, and shine. Perhaps the most valued property of Cannabis Sativa is its percentage of essential fatty acids, which is higher than any other plant in the world. It contains both Omega-6 and Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids, in a proportion of 3:1. Essential fatty acids are necessary for our health and are responsible for the luster of in our skin, hair and eyes, transferring oxygen to every cell in our body.


High Altitude French Lavender Oil:


Lavender Essential Oil (High Altitude) is well known for being one of the most versatile essential oils. Lavender is one of the most essential oils, while also being one of the most healing. Use it in your bath and let it help you drift to a relaxed state of mind in no time, while enjoying its aroma.


Hemp Protein

Joint and Muscle Pain Relief

Dead Sea Bath Salt with CBD

Skin Care with CBD

Body Lotion with CBD



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